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The Observatory is an open air architectural space. At each intersection of the Geodesic Dome is an individually addressable LED light, creating a fully programmable LED matrix. This versatile and modern space can be used as a stage for performers with audiences on the outside looking in, or, as a venue/bar/space with audiences within the structure.

“Like moth to flame, The Observatory was utterly captivating for audiences at our festival. Totally world class.”"

- Carla Steed, Cactus Events

  • Capacity: 40 - 100 pax
  • Full Venue Set-up: 8 hours
  • Full Venue Bump Out 5 hours
  • Diameter: 9.5
  • Peak Height: 4.75m
  • Wind Rating: 120kmph
  • Aerial Rigging: no

For more details about "The Observatory" and it's possibilities get in touch. We are keen collaborators and would love to be part of creating a special experience