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The Mammoth is a beautifully designed, bespoke portable venue. Intrinsically connected to circus and the alchemy of live performance while being refined enough to be the perfect home for special events, gatherings and weddings. With its relatively small footprint, it brings a huge amount of atmosphere. The Mammoth is an elegant, versatile and transformative space.

The skin (fabric) was sewn Western Australia. All the hardware is bespoke COLOSSAL design and a total labour of love to get perfect. With the exception of the aluminium truss elements it was entirely manufactured in Pōneke

“A pop-up village of fantastic fun, electric energy and loveable performances"

- Gerry Paul, Cuba Dupa

  • Capacity: 80 - 150 pax
  • Full Venue Set-up: 7 hours
  • Full Venue Bump Out 5 hours
  • Internal Dimensions: 10m x 15m
  • Site Dimensions: 18m x 21m
  • Internal Area: 128m2
  • Peak Height: 7.75m
  • Wind Rating: 80kmph
  • Aerial Rigging: yes

For more details about "The Mammoth" and it's possibilities get in touch. We are keen collaborators and would love to be part of creating a special experience