This is accessibility information for the Squid Studio.

If there is anything else you need please get in touch.

Two story wooden wharehouse building with a red arrow showing the location of the vehicle entrance.

“The Squid Studio” is located in Unit 22, 369 Adelaide Road, Newtown.

It’s part of the Adelaide Business complex, near Mcallister Park. If you are driving along Adelaide road we are on your left just before you reach the top of the hill looking over to Island Bay.

Red square showing location of carpark available for squid parking outside of a garage door.

We have one carpark allocated for the Unit.

Generally we ask that visitors to the space park on the street by Mcallister Park.

If you would like to reserve it for accessibility reasons please ask in advance.

Red entrance door for the squid studio. To the left is a garage door to the right is a window with the squid logo on it.

The front door looks like this!

Two steps leading into the door of the Squid Studio.
Entrance Details

The front door has two steps the largest of which is 380mm high.

If this doesn’t work for you you are more than welcome to come through the garage door to the left.

Concrete ramp leading into the garage door of the squid studio.
Alternative Entrance

The garage door has a concrete ramp at an angle of roughly 30 degrees.

There is a lip at the bottom and a lip at the top. The largest of which is 55mm.

A corridor with storage shelfs either side leading toward an artistic image of a squid. Halfway along the corridoor is a ramp.
Small Ramp

As you come into the space you will head up a small ramp at an angle of roughly 40 degrees.

A small kitchenette including a fridge, bench and sink, a tostie machine and cupboards.

At the top of the ramp to your right is our kitchen.

You are more than welcome to help yourself to Tea and Coffee and use the facilities.

Looking into the squid studio space. Wooden floors with black walls and sound dampening squares across the rood and walls.
The Studio

Continuing straight forward from the ramp you will find the studio space!

Other than the doors this is the tightest access point at 1100mm.

Outside the garage door looking accross the carpark at another section of the building.
Toilet Location

If you need to use the Wharepaku the building has shared facilities.

You will head out the way you came and then head across the carpark about 15m.

The toilet has the word “Private” on it.

A red door with the word private on it. The door is to the left of a large skip bin and to the right of a larger door with windows.
Toilet Entrance

The toilet is small and has a step 230mm in height.

Anything else you need? Just ask.

We always have someone onsite when you’re using The Squid, so if you need anything please ask. They will be more than happy to help.

If you would like to touch base or let us know anything we can do to make the space more accesible for you then please get in touch.



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