ONYX is an exciting multidisciplinary, collaborative project which we have been dreaming about for years and are preparing for a summer 2023 debut. It will marry diversely skilled artists from across Aotearoa from the realms of street/graffiti art, circus, dance, street theater & original music. It’ll be a high quality performance piece which celebrates kiwi work.

ONYX is urban in aesthetic with a versatile set/structure of scaffolding, raised platforms & white painted plywood as the canvas. The show explores creation and destruction - Turning visual art into something as ephemeral as the rest of the performance.

ONYX is Inspired by the stone of the same name, it’s a high contrast visual aesthetic, black on white with a tough gritty feel.

The show explores black and white, through the visual art & performer costuming - high contrast and high impact. We’ve also taken inspiration from Tokyo with it’s layering and portraight signage - bringing the gritty urban feel through the architectural set.

The content of the show will also explore high contrast as a key element. Including artforms from polar opposite sides of the performance world (ballet and trick biking).

The development of this project was made possible thanks to the support of the following organisations.

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