How to Universe

This skillfully and crafted show invites the audience on a journey into space. Through the lense of modern circus, this show is full of artistry, humour and creativity as only these three imaginations can create. ‘How to Universe’ is down to earth with relatable and endearing characterisation while being utterly gravity defying and transportative.

A visually captivating contemporary circus theatre production. The performance is a blend of storytelling forms including physical theatre, text, puppetry, intertwined with high calibre circus and innovative technology.

A robotic reading lamp eerily swiveling it’s head, an aerial lyra embedded with el-wire creating planetary illusions, a couch that could eat bodies whole. An imaginative and surprising production.

"How to Universe" is out to charm and impress; which they do memorably in this dynamic and vibrant show, built on a unique concept that has something for everyone" - Theatreview NZ

“lyrical and heart-stopping” - Theatreview, NZ

  • Wellington Fringe - 2014 ***SELL OUT***
  • Wellington Independent Season - 2015 ***SELL OUT***
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