Questions for the Moon

Questions for the Moon is a beloved, whimsical, and cheeky interactive performance installation. Attendees eagerly line up to engage with the moon, and ask their questions through a vintage landline phone. No two interactions with the Moon are the same.

The installation combines the quick wit and excellent humour of the performer with large scale imagery and digital artistry. A live feed on the performer's face is overlaid with responsive video design.

The moon is represented by a 5-metre diameter projection surface. Utilising multiple cameras, live feed, projection, and responsive video artwork to create a large scale piece of installation art.

The success of Questions for the Moon is made possible by a team of talented collaborators who bring their skills and imagination to the project.

Event: HighLight Festival 2024
Performers: Guy Langford, Derek Flores
Video Design: Artificial Imagination
Rigging Install: YooCrew

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