We specialise in circus performance and design. Our mission is to create innovative and high caliber performance, in the form of bespoke entertainment for events as well as touring circus theatre productions.

COLOSSAL was founded by three Wellington locals and performing artists Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie and Degge Jarvie. This trio have passion and creativity coming out their ears and wake up excited every day to be directing such a diverse company. Proud to be involved in fostering a sustainable circus industry in Aotearoa and excited to be building collaborative relationships with a wide range of artists and clients.


Zane Jarvie

- Creative Director -

Has a knack for problem solving and a mind that’s forever challenging the status quo. Capable of keeping many balls in the air, both as a juggler and as a director of COLOSSAL.

Most expressive gestures Award

  • 02102363028
  • zane@colossal.co.nz

Imogen Stone

- Managing Director -

Loves working collaboratively and turning wild ideas into reality. She’s a talented and hard working performer and director. When away from her desk she is often found upside down.

Smallest hands for an Aerialist Award

  • 0273840090
  • imogen@colossal.co.nz

Degge Jarvie

- Marketing/Design Director -

Degge, pronounced ‘egg’ with a ‘D’ is a creative force to be reckoned with. With a Degree in Industrial Design under his belt, he has an excellent eye for detail and pin point accuracy with a table saw!

Best bun in Wellington Award

  • 02102916505
  • degge@colossal.co.nz